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TCEA Area 7 Conference 8 June 2012

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Texas Computer Education Association; Area 7 Conference

White Oak, Texas 8 June 2012


Below you will find descriptions of the keynote and breakout presentations I gave this year at the TCEA Area 7 Conference. Below area a collection of resources devoted to each presentation where you can find an archive of the slides and some additional content. Feel free to get in touch with me anytime using any of the links here:


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Keynote: Storyfinding ...


In a word or two you remember the whole story: glass slipper, sour grapes, cold porridge. You remember more than the facts (a step mother & two step sisters, an absent father, a godmother) you remember the relationships and deeper connections between the characters (nasty step mom & sisters, warm but lonely friendships with the animals in the house, a dream of a better life).

The challenge for teachers and students is not to find problems but to find stories. Powerful narratives, in a word or two, bring to mind a wealth of ideas and relationships; more than just facts. How can we find the stories that make our teaching sticky? How do we help kids find, and more importantly tell, the stories that make their learning sticky?

We’ll look at some strong examples and send you on your way with a toolkit of ideas and practices to make teaching & learning sticky in your class.


Visit the Storyfinding Archive

Tweet your storyfinding ideas using the #storyfinding hash-tag




Developing Expert Voices

A project based learning approach to a major problem with assessment: Does assigning numeric grades to student work accurately measure what they have learned? This workshop showcases a practical and powerful model to address this issue. A concrete step-by-step overview of how teachers can leverage tools like flickr, Google Docs, blogs, SlideShare.net and the Internet to develop "expert voices" and foster creativity in their students. The model shown, applied to a math classroom, can be easily transferred across domains and disciplines. We also look at a new spin on assessment and how to involve students deeply in the design of assessment rubrics. The main thrust of this presentation centres around developing an assessment task that genuinely allows students to demonstrate the limits of what they have learned through an extended project integrated throughout the full length of a course of study.







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