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Presentation Tennis at BLC 2010

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Presentation Tennis

Get ready to play!


 This is a fun and easy way to experience the thrill of collaboration and co-creating something meaningful. At left is an example of a game of Presentation Tennis I played with a group of teachers from around the world. Click through to see what we made. Then, make your own contribution to the new Presentation Tennis slide deck below called: "Learning Happens ..." (scroll down to find it). 


How To Play

Look at the first few slides in the slide deck at right (it's a Google Presentation which means you'll need a Google account to play).


You'll notice that slide 1 is just a title slide, but slides #2 and #3 go together; slide #3 contrasts slide #2.


You only need to contribute one slide, but if it's an odd numbered slide it should contrast the even numbered slide immediately before it.


Even numbered slides start off a new contrasting pair. "Learning happens ..."


Use flickr's creative commons archive of images to find interesting pictures. You can drag and drop from an open browser window right onto the Google Presentation when editing. Use the text tool in the Google Doc to add your text on the slide.



Let's Play!

Jump into the "Learning Happens ..." doc here!


NB: If you contribute slides #20-23 (#23 is the last slide), well, that's the tail end of the presentation. Think about your contribution in terms of how it might bring a satisfactory end to the presentation.


And don't forget to give yourself credit on slide 24 & 25!


Bonus Points!

Once all the slides are done try creating an audio track of yourself giving the presentation. Spend no more than 15 sec/slide in your talk. Link to it in the comments at the bottom of this page.


In case you forget how to find (cc) licensed images on flickr:


And here are some ideas for taking better pictures:


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